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Dianne Sharma Winter

Dianne Sharma Winter has been living On The Road for sixteen years and describes herself as a literary traveler. One line in a book will send her somewhere; she has lived in the jungles of India with her guru ji, rescued herself the nick of time from the tsunami of 2004 and hunting tigers in the Sunderbans.

A freelance writer, Dianne is currently living in India and working on three books.  Her short stories have been published in her native country of New Zealand.

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Write as if Your Life Depends On It
Posted in First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles on 21 April 2010
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The first time I walked into a writer’s workshop, I had a story to tell and thought it was ready to rock and roll. After all, hadn’t I just spent six months crouched over my laptop in the garage of my cousin’s house, wrapped in a blanket and writing my story? Hadn’t the publisher agreed […]

Ten Tips for Hunting Down Stories on the Road
Posted in First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks on 7 April 2010
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It can happen to us all, eventually. Dare I admit it in public though? That travel writers and traveling can jade the adventurous spirit, that you can be in a dream location and suddenly have nothing to write about. That you don’t want to write about coconut trees swaying in the tropical and scented breeze […]



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