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Derbhile Graham is a freelance writer, originally from Clonmel. Co Tipperary, but now living in Tramore, Co. Waterford. She is the author of The Pink Cage, first published by Book Republic in 2011, now self-published.

Derbhile loves nothing more than to help other people tell their story. She has given creative writing classes for the Bealtaine Festival, Waterford Festival of Learning and Waterford Healing Arts.

Derbhile also runs a writing and editing service called WriteWords, which offers content creation, editing, training and writing consultancy services. She blogs at World of Writing, You can Follow Derbhile on Twitter, Find WriteWords on Facebook, or connect with Derbhile on LinkedIn.

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Travel Writing vs Travel Journalism
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, Writer's Education on 5 August 2013
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Like many writers, I had dreams of wafting around the world and spinning tales about my adventures to a rapt audience at home. And luckily I did have the chance to do that, but not without a few sharp lessons along the way. The biggest lesson I learned was about the difference between travel journalism […]



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