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Are Press Trips REALLY ‘Traveling’?
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, The Ambidextrous Travel Writer on 11 June 2012
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I recently asked my friend and colleague, Ed Wetschler, if he was traveling much these days. It was a fair question for Ed, who is the Executive Editor of Tripatini and chair of the Northeast Chapter of SATW. But his answer baffled me. “No,” he said. “I’m not. I’ve taken some press trips, but I’m [...]

Dos and Don’ts for Getting Invited on Press Trips
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, The Ambidextrous Travel Writer on 5 December 2011
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You just noticed on Facebook that two colleagues are off to the Amalfi Coast on a press trip. Your heart sinks. Why weren’t you invited? Chances are you’re not on that invitation list for a reason. So what does one have to do to get on and stay on these lists? Here are some dos [...]

How to Get Invited on Press Trips
Posted in First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Tips & Tricks on 29 November 2010
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  Hi there, I’m Anthony from,… ….and I’m going to write about my experiences on how to land the odd travel press trip here and there – starting from scratch. I’ve managed to score three press trips so far in 2010 – to Fiji, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, and with all of [...]

Q&A: Why Am I Not Getting Invited on Press Trips?
Posted in Overcoming Obstacles, Q&A on 25 October 2010
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Welcome to another installment of Ask The Editor! This month a travel blogger I know personally called and asked me why he/she (I won’t say which, I’m trying to keep this anonymous since it involves some constructive criticism) has been declined by several PR companies and destinations for press trips. It was frustrating just being [...]

When Good Press Trips Go Bad
Posted in First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles on 6 August 2010
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  When we go on press trips, we hope that we’ll have fun, eat the local food, meet interesting people and pick up a story or two along the way that will knock the socks off of our editors. Unfortunately, there will be press trips that are unorganized, boring and uninspiring … and finding a [...]

Hosted Trips: It’s All a Matter of Principle
Posted in Guest Blog Posts, Travel Writer Op-Ed on 10 February 2010
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Hosted Press Trips – Are you in favor or not? This topic has been tossed around for years with stands pro and con. Discussions generally run to extremes and can get quite heated. In the past, most salaried journalists were not allowed to participate in hosted trips. The publishers felt it clouded their reporting. Instead, [...]

And the Press Trip Debate Rages On
Posted in General News & Info, Guest Blog Posts, Travel Writer Op-Ed on 16 November 2009
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Editor’s Note: This is the first article in our new Category for Op-Ed pieces, created to give travel writers a place to voice an opinion and engage in conversation. If you’re interested in submitting your own Op-Ed article, please visit this page. Be sure to read and follow our editorial guidelines for Op-Ed pieces. Op-Ed [...]

Travel Media Trips: Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts
Posted in Enhance Your Writing, Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks on 1 May 2009
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Many beginning Travel Writers and Bloggers ask us “what exactly is a ‘media trip’ (or a ‘press trip’)?” These two terms are used interchangeably, though you’ll see and hear Media Trip more frequently. If you read my last post “Travel Media Trip – Cozumel Follow Up” you’ll have a good idea of what a travel [...]

On Being A Flexible Freelance Travel Writer
Posted in First Person Experience, Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts, Overcoming Obstacles on 26 November 2018
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Freelance travel writing is definitely not for people who expect the freelance world to conform to them. A willingness to be flexible by adjusting our approaches, writing styles, topics, and sales and marketing techniques, is absolutely essential if we want to see our work published in print, and be paid for it. We must adapt [...]

The Only Consistent Thing About Freelance Travel Writing Is . . . Its Complete Lack of Consistency
Posted in First Person Experience, Getting Started, Guest Blog Posts, Opportunities, Overcoming Obstacles, Writer's Education on 29 October 2018
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If you’re contemplating taking up freelance travel writing as a career, and hoping to make a regular and stable income right from the start… … understand that it could take you a long time to make your dream come true. As advanced sentient beings, we crave stability and consistency. I get this. This is a [...]



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