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Travel Writers As Firefighters

With the U.S. State Department issuing an alert on Sunday “urging Americans traveling to Europe to be vigilant about possible terrorist attacks,” I am wondering how many of the editors I know are canceling assignments, “holding stories” and in general, choosing NOT to write about Britain, France and Germany until this storm passes.

When is this GOING to stop?

I am not talking about the threats themselves. I am talking about our role (“the media’s” role) in spreading fear and perpetuating the problem.

I believe we need to take a look, a very serious look at what we are doing in our simple role as travel writers versus what we need to do. We almost have to be like firefighters these days.

If we choose to jump on the fear wagon, we are not serious travel writers.

We have to run into the building to put the fire out, not cower in the corner and hope it dies out on its own.

We have to stand up and educate our editors and for those of us who run our own sites or blogs, we need to take our own chances in what we write about.

Over they years, I’ve canceled several trips because of bombs, natural disasters, and man-made disasters. Almost always it had to do with a nervous editor or “pulled ads.”

I am not suggesting that any of us put ourselves in harm’s way and certainly, I love to travel comfortably.

But I also know that anything can happen anywhere at any time. And if we choose to jump on the fear wagon, we are not serious travel writers. We are fair-weather travel writers.

I just wrote a piece about a recent return trip to Egypt which you’ll find at FarewellTravels.com [1]. If Egypt is on your bucket list, but you keep putting it off because of the uncertain times we are in, I encourage you to read it.

~ Susan

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