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Know How To Do Something? Enter This Contest!

Here’s a way to turn your knowledge into cash..woo hoo!

To celebrate the launch of their new user submission service, How To Books (www.howto.co.uk [1]), is running a contest through July 2010 for the best “how to” article submitted to their site, for which the winner will receive £200 (that’s roughly $300 USD), and that’s on top of any other earnings the article makes (the publisher shares ad revenue generated from your article’s page views). Woo hoo again!

Oxford based publishers How To Books are holding a writing competition throughout July to celebrate the launch of the new user submission system on their website. Any article submitted using the system throughout July will be automatically entered into the competition for the best article as chosen by the How To editors. The winner will be announced on the 16th of August and will receive a prize of £200, in addition to any earnings the article goes on to make.

So now you’re wondering..but….I’m a travel writer…..what kind of ‘how to’ can I write about?“…

The answer is: more than you realize!

Some ideas that pop into my brain include:

How To

Given a good night’s sleep, I could probably come up with a dozen more ideas, but you get the point, and hey you’re creative, right? You can probably come up with a dozen more on your own!

Find out more information here:

Read more about the contest and their submission process at How To Books:
http://www.howto.co.uk/competition-press.html [2]

DO be sure to enter, AND you can enter as many articles as you like!

Good luck!