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Take Advantage of Google’s Free Tools


Google offers a wide variety of free products, services, and tools.

Some of these tools are designed to help websites become successful.

I use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools on a regular basis to gather the information I need to improve my blog [1].

Yes, I look at how my numbers are doing – it’s nice to know.

To fix a problem you have to know it exists.


But, more importantly, I also use these tools to strategically improve my results.


Here are my top Google Tools Tips

Google Webmaster Tools for Preventative Maintenance.

How Google sees your blog has a huge impact on its success in the search engines.

Last summer I struggled with a problem that was growing exponentially and would have seriously damaged my results with the search engines had I not fixed it.

To fix a problem you have to know it exists. This is why I go into Google Webmaster tools at least weekly.

Here’s what I do when I go there:

If you are not hosting your blog yourself, you will likely have to vary the steps identified above but you can still deploy these strategies.