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Recording Phone Interviews as Podcasts

While we are all travel “writers”, you may also want to consider adding podcast interviews to your repertoire.

Or even if you don’t want to use these recordings to publish on your site it is a great way to have a record of your conversation to listen to again as you write your article.

There are many ways to do this, but the method that I have found works best is using a headset with Skype to conduct the phone call, Pamela to record the conversation, and Audacity as the audio editor.

The best part about this setup is that it is extremely cheap and flexible.


I purchased the Everyman headset from Skype for $22.95. At this price, I didn’t expect much, but was pleasantly surprised. Skype also offers several other models with prices ranging from $40-$60 and I am sure you can spend even more than that if you want. For my (and likely your) purposes, the Everyman is excellent and works very well for phone interviews.


Free for Skype [1]-to-Skype, or $0.021 / per minute for US domestic calls, or $2.95 per month for unlimited calling to Canada and United States. For those of us doing International calling, the unlimited subscription is only $12.95 per month (per minute charges vary widely – see http://www.skype.com/prices/callrates/ [2] for more information).


After trying several ways to record a Skype conversation, I settled on Pamela. For those of us completely cash strapped, there is a “basic” version of Pamela that is limited to 15 minutes of recording time, a 30-min version for $14.95 and then the “Professional” version for $29.95 that is unlimited and includes a variety of other functions to aid in podcasting. http://www.pamela.biz/en/


Audacity [3] seems to be the de facto standard for free audio editors right now, and it is more than sufficient if you are looking to take the file you just recorded in Pamela and edit it into segments, compress it, or add additional pieces of audio such as an intro, advertisements, or a conclusion.

Audacity is also an audio recorder if you want to produce those audio ads, or add narrations to your podcast.


Are you creating podcasts? Share your advice!