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Get Cozy With Your Local CVB

Here’s a secret that most traditional travel writers know, but only a few travel bloggers seem to.

Almost every city or town has a CVB (Convention and Visitor’s Bureau). A CVB’s mission is to promote their locale as a tourist destination, and they typically LOVE to work with travel writers and travel bloggers who have the same goal.

It doesn’t matter if you write about your own backyard, or write about places all over the world.

Don’t overlook the opportunities you might find through a CVB.

Wherever you write about, there is someone there whose job is to be a resource – for information, for potential market leads, story ideas and angles, and possibly photographs.

Often these CVBs will have monthly newsletters you can subscribe to, providing you with a wealth of inspiration and assistance, and contact information for various area businesses in the hospitality industry.

If you’re the type who plans your trips in advance, don’t overlook the opportunities you might find by getting in touch with these wonderful people – get on their newsletter mailing list, and don’t hesitate to ask them for suggestions – they’ll be quick to tell you what should be on your “must do – must see” list while you’re there.

They can tell you about that unique, out-of-the-way hotel you might not otherwise find. They can tell you where the locals really go. They can even fill you in on the most interesting local characters you might want to meet and interview.

Start with your local CVB, and branch out from there If you develop a network of people who really care about helping you write about their destination, you’ll never lack for ideas and materials.


Do you work with CVBs? Share your tips!