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Exactly What IS an Ambidextrous Travel Writer?

I’ve had enough people ask me about the name of this column, so I think it’s time to define “ambidextrous travel writer”.

Before I explain what an ambidextrous travel writer is, I do need to take you back to what a travel writer used to be.

When I first started as an assistant travel editor at The Condé Nast Publications (Bride’s Magazine, to be specific), I was an editorial assistant, one of three travel editors for the significant honeymoon section.

In this brave new world of travel writing, you have to do it all or find a new career.

At this job, I was in the early stages of becoming a travel writer and was single, eager to work 24/7 to get ahead.

I was responsible for researching, writing, and editing many travel pieces.

At Condé Nast, we had staff in other positions and entire departments that made sure the articles we travel editors wrote (or edited) would read well and look nice in the magazine.

There were:

Little did I know then, that years later, I would be all of these departments rolled up into one job description as well as a wife and a mom.

After seeing so many of my traditional media outlets dry up, I launched FarewellTravels.com at the end of 2009. I felt it was important to establish a digital presence that I could call my own.

So what do I do now, as a travel writer?

Ambidextrous Travel Writer
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Intrepid Travel Writer Susan Farewell and her daughter Justine in Athens, Greece.

So what do you think, does that qualify as Ambidextrous?

As far as I’m concerned, in this brave new world of travel writing, you have to do it all or find a new career.