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SEO Blogger Firefox Extension Review

I’m assuming that a majority of travel writers are relying on their blogging platform and its built-in plugins to optimize articles for the best search engine results.

The problem with this method is that you are relying on automated code to guess the best target market.

For example, my article “5 Extreme Winter Sports That Will Make Your Heart Race [1]” might automatically (by the blogging platform) be assigned to the keyword “extreme workouts” instead of “extreme action sports”.

This is why some manual intervention is always a safe bet instead of relying completely on the automatic assignment of keywords.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blogger Firefox Extension [2] provides a user with target rich keywords based on a words or phrases that are typed into the display.

You might ask yourself, “doesn’t Google’s Keyword Tool do the exact same thing?”

Yes…but SEO Blogger does have a few handy features and doesn’t require you to log-in to Google’s website to access their keyword tool.

What we like

What we don’t like

How to Install SEO Blogger for Firefox

First you’ll need Mozilla’s Firefox as your browser as the extension doesn’t work with Internet Explore, Opera, Safari or any other browser including archaic browsers like Netscape. Once you have Firefox installed, make your way on over to Wordtracker Labs [3] and click on the ‘Install SEO Blogger’.

How to Use SEO Blogger for Firefox

As mentioned earlier in the post, you just need to click on the small “W” icon that is positioned on the bottom right portion of your browsing window.

This action will bring up a display window that allows you to enter a word or phrase to see the number of searches performed on the keyword. The higher the number the better as this means that more searches were performed on that keyword. In theory, the more searches on a keyword will most likely mean that many more visitors.

Once you find a keyword that you feel will work best for your article, all you need to do is click on “Add” next to the keyword. The extension will then tell you the number of times that you’ve used the keyword.

On a side note, as you might remember in a prior guest post, Balancing Keywords and Content [4], I made mention of the importance of not saturating your blog with target rich keywords. Your readers are smart and can easily sniff out an article with the only purpose of getting visitors to click on affiliate links. I also wouldn’t be surprised if search engine algorithms have the ability to identifiably spam websites and black list them if the posts are very keyword heavy.