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How Can Travel Bloggers Inspire Travel?

A question arose recently among my travel blogging friends:

How can we make travel blogging bigger than travel blogging“.

Many people follow sports weekly, but follow travel only when they are planning a trip.

For me this raised the question of “why do people travel?”


As a survey that came out recently told us:

Source: – You got there how? New survey shatters a few myths about family vacations by Chris Elliott [1]

Other people enjoy traveling but only have so much time available to travel. My show, the Amateur Traveler [2], targets those who want to travel but don’t know where they should go next and often don’t know how they can afford it or when they will have the time.

I think it would be fair to say that more people listen to the Amateur Traveler on their commute or at the gym that in a tent biking across Turkey. For people in the dreaming of travel stage they are not sure where they are going yet so they have different questions. They are not yet asking “how do I get there?” or even “what do I do there?” but are still asking “is this a place I want to go?”

But what makes someone think about travel in the first place?

For many people travel is an issue of priorities. They intend to travel someday, but “someday” has not yet come. They won’t travel until their aging parents pass away because they want to spend all of their vacation with them, or they will travel after a friend dies early and unexpectedly as they come to grips with the realization that life is short and sometimes “someday” never comes.

Travel starts in the imagination and one of the best aspects of travel is the way it can awaken the imagination not just to new locations but to new points of view.

How can we stir more people to travel? We can keep displaying up travel pictures, telling travel stories, creating travel videos, playing travel audio and even cooking from that recipe we picked up on our last trip.


What else can travel writers & bloggers do to inspire travel? Share your opinions!