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Learn to Craft a Perfect Author Bio

If you’re writing on your own travel blog, you already know that you should have an Author Biography.

Most commonly used on your ‘About’ page, it’s what fills the reader in on who you are, what makes you an authority on your travel niche, and any accomplishments that you’d like to impress them with.

If you’re writing for any publication other than your own travel blog, you’ll need to provide them with a Author Bio, which is ideally just a one to two paragraph promotional blurb about you, a much shorter version of your About page from your site.

Think of it this way – put everything you think is important for someone else to know about you (note the word ‘important’ – given the focus of your travel blog or travel niche, it may or may not be important for someone to know that you had a dog named Boo when you where a child) into your About Page. Strive for professionalism.

It’s important to remember that your Author Bio is a brand-building tool.

NOW imagine that someone has told you to strike out all but 150 words. What you’re left with should be a good foundation for your Author Bio that you’ll use for other sites and publications.

You must drill down what’s most important about you in one or two clear and concise paragraphs. This can be intimidating to some travel writers. It’s important to remember that a travel writer’s Author Bio is a brand-building tool. When people visit your website, or one that you have written a guest article for, they’ll get a sense of who you are personally and professionally. Your Author Bio will summarize your entire travel writing career in a few lines.

Step-by-Step Author Bio Writing

Travel writers who are not comfortable with writing their Bio could consider hiring a marking or PR copywriter to help them. Hiring a writer who is skilled in writing promotional materials for others can save you time and frustration, and it can also result in a Bio that really shines. For a well written, professional Bio, make sure you give all of the details about your travel writing career. An Author Bio can be short and still say a lot about you!


Is your Author Bio as good as it could be for you?