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Freelance Travel Writing Opportunity

Many of you know that I’m on vacation this week (in Jamaica), which explains why I’ve been a bit less active online the past few days – internet access can be challenging to find here, sometimes expensive, and not as fast as I’d like, but hey when you’re in Paradise it’s hard to complain too much. As they like to say here (frequently) “no worries, mon”!

But I wanted to share this with all of you…..if you’re a freelance travel writer you know that it can be challenging to find paying opportunities, and sometimes even more challenging to get your work accepted and published.

Here’s a bit of good news! I found this in our Forum when I got online this morning:

http://www.travel-writers-exchange.com/Forum/topic/freelance-travel-blogging-opportunity [1]

Oyster.com, a hotel review site, is looking to pay bloggers to contribute to a new venture called Oyster Locals. Be sure to read the entire forum post and get in touch with them if you’re interested.

I’ll quote a bit from the Post:

Oyster Locals was developed to offer Oyster’s readers guidance on the attractions, highlights, and topics of interest in the communities outside the hotels it covers, even if Oyster’s main goal is professional hotel reviews. Currently, Oyster maintains extensive coverage of Hawaii , New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Aruba, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic Hotels. Many more locations will be added to the site in the months ahead, including Los Angeles and San Francisco in November of this year.

Blog posts on Oyster Locals are intended to work cooperatively with the content in Oyster Hotel Reviews and should be of some interest to travelers headed to a given destination. Example blog posts could include: “Eating vegan in NYC”; “Kayaking in Kauai”; “How I Survived 48 hours in South Beach with three kids”; “How to stay eco-friendly in the Dominican Republic.” Specifically, we are looking for destination experts who can demonstrate their knowledge and insights on a broad array of subjects.

There is indeed a very broad array of topics listed in the Post so be sure to check it out!

Good luck if you decide to go for it, and please let me know how it turns out – I’d love to hear from anyone about their experience with Oyster.com.

Okay, enough work, it’s back to the pool swim-up bar for me!