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Travels and Traditions with Burt Wolf

PBS is a great source of information, and not just about antiques.

Surprisingly, PBS is also a great source of travel shows. If you enjoy thoughtful, educational, and interesting travel shows, you’ll like Burt Wolf’s Travels and Traditions [1].

Burt Wolf has written and produced many hours of television with networks such as CNN, ABC, The Discovery Channel, PBS, and the Family Channel. He’s edited more than 60 books and, for a number of years, authored a weekly column for the Washington Post. Burt’s TV library of travel shows includes Local Flavors, Gatherings, Taste of Freedom, and much more.

He’s working on Travels and Traditions and has cruises planned for 2010 such as Cruising the Danube, Rhine River Cruise, and many more. If you can’t join Burt for one of his spectacular cruises, you can always join him on PBS!

If you enjoy fine wine and dining, you’ll be tantalized by Burt Wolf. You download a PDF of his Cruising France segment of Travel and Traditions [2], in which he includes recipes that you can make for friends and family. You can tell them you discovered these delectable dishes by traveling with Burt!

“Since 1982, Burt Wolf has written and produced over 4,000 segments for Cable News Network (CNN), 800 segments for ABC (the American Broadcasting Company), 125 half-hour programs for the travel division of The Discovery Channel, 26 half hours for the Family Channel and 250 half hours for Public Broadcasting. He has been nominated for two CableAce Awards and a national Emmy in connection with cultural history.”

For many years, Burt Wolf has traveled the world bringing food and wine from around the globe to your table. His cruises will not only transport you to other countries (literally), they’ll transport your senses to a whole other dimension. So many travel shows these days focus on “budget travel” or “adventure travel” – it’s a nice change of pace to watch a travel show about people who offer great company and stimulating conversation.

Travel and traditions with Burt Wolf will allow you to have a delightful travel experience without leaving home. You’ll learn about the richness of a country, its culture, and its people. From art to architecture, you’ll be exposed to different ways of life. There’s nothing wrong with expanding your horizons, and if you can’t get out and travel, at least you can watch a great travel show that takes you there!


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