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24 September 2009 Post Author:
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On Tuesday I had the privilege of interviewing David Miller, a Senior Editor at Matador and one of the creators (and instructors) of MatadorU, their new Travel Writing Program.

In the interview, David opens up about the backgrounds of the team behind MatadorU, discusses the evolution – and future – of travel writing, explains some of the tangible and intangible benefits of the MatadorU program, waxes poetic on the joys and art of travel writing, and gives some really good advice for all travel writers, new or experienced.

Well worth the time to listen to……Grab a drink and enjoy! (And don’t forget to leave your comments below!)

Audio Podcast: Click to Listen


Meet David Miller

David Miller, instructor at MatadorU, and daughter Layla

David’s Bio:

David Miller is the senior editor at Matador and founding editor of the Traveler’s Notebook.

Chief among his goals as a writer, editor, and teacher, are publishing and promoting stories which, while rooted in a particular place, are relevant to people everywhere.

His personal blog is

David and his family will be moving to Patagonia in November 2009.

You can follow David on Twitter at


19 Responses to “Interview: David Miller from MatadorU”

  1. Dave

    Thanks so much for this interview, it offered a lot of insight into the writing program and Matador as a whole.

  2. Lola

    Excellent podcast David! Loved your last lines about coming correct. That’s the most important thing for every writer trying to find their own, unique voice.

  3. Candice

    Love the interview, awesome job David! The community at Matador is what has kept me involved all this time.

  4. Nancy

    Great podcast. Love the bit about “place” and having a passion for “place”. So proud to be a MatadorU student!

  5. Carlo

    Fantastic interview Trisha and David. I’d heard about the “come correct” comment already so had high expectations and it didn’t disappoint! :) Actually, since joining Matador myself, David has helped me a lot in finding my own voice and “coming correct”. Great job.

  6. AdventureRob

    Great interview! Nice to see the course designers taking on feedback and improving the course even in the early weeks, it should get even better with time too.

  7. Joann says:

    A gem of an interview. David’s insight as to what is important for a writer to have; experience and “come correct” speaks volumes for MatadorU. I liked his take on sharing. Trisha, you did an excellent job of addressing the questions.

  8. ian

    Awesome interview! It’s great to here someone “real” talking about travel writing. Way to go David.

  9. Craig

    Looking forward to listening. Do you do regular interviews/audio features? Do you have a podcast (RSS feed with enclosures)? If so, what’s the link; I’d be keen to subscribe.

    • Hi Craig – thanks for stopping by…..I hope you enjoy the interview with David – the “teacher” in him really shines through I think.

      I would like to be able to do interviews on a more regular basis, but I struggle with fitting it into my schedule. I’m in the process of rearranging a number of things that will free up more of my time, so I may get there. If I come up with a regular feed of them, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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