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Alleviate Pressure by Outsourcing Copywriting

Every Freelance Travel Writer should ideally have two websites.

A travel writer’s primary website should be a travel blog, focused upon a specific travel niche about which you are passionate and knowledgeable, and to which you regularly add new and interesting content. Your travel blog should include an “About” page which explains what it is about you that makes you an expert on your travel niche.

The second site should be your online portfolio, featuring an expanded “About” page that speaks to your experience, skill, education, and qualifications as a freelance travel writer. It should also have pages that feature some samples of your travel writing, clips, lists (with links where possible) of where you’ve been published, information that an Editor considering you for an assignment might want to know, and a way to contact you about potential travel writing assignments and opportunities.

While I have seen some travel writers skillfully incorporate both functions into one website, doing so can confuse the search engines and prevent you from achieving the most effective optimization of your site for either.

A bigger problem though, than optimizing your site for a clear intention, is freelance travel writers who are either uncomfortable with, or just unfamiliar with, how to sell themselves.

This is where a good professional marketing copywriter can help.

Good marketing copywriters are used to writing sales and marketing materials, press releases, and executive biographies. They often have advertising and or publishing backgrounds. They’ll be able to skillfully craft the promotional copy that you’ll need to position yourself in the travel writing industry.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at all the various types of additional writing you’ll need to do to promote yourself as a a freelance travel writer, some of which you can outsource to a professional copywriter.

Types of copywriting to outsource

Working with a good professional copywriter can benefit you in other ways too, such as freeing up your time to focus your energy on traveling and travel writing.

Questions to ask a copywriter

Hiring a copywriter to write certain materials may be humbling for some travel writers. You may think you can write all types of copy, but may not be strong at promoting yourself. It’s all right to reach out and ask for help. Think of the copywriter as your ally and partner. They may have contacts with editors and publishers you only dreamed about meeting. It’s another win-win situation!


What types of writing would you outsource?