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Travel Writers & Photographers Conference – Day 2

First, before I dive right into divulging any more of the great travel writing advice I’m gleaning from the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference, I have to extend major kudos to the wonderful folks here at the Book Passage bookstore – it takes a special type of person to pull off a conference of this caliber and all the attention to structure that it requires, and yet still offer the kind of warm and welcoming environment that they have here in spades. The owners have clearly instilled a great spirit of family here that you find only rarely in business.

Second, I want to answer the question I’ve received most often – is a Travel Writers Conference worth the time and expense? My answer: absolutely yes.

Regardless of your level of experience (never-published, oft-published, book author or periodical essayist) or area of interest (print or online travel writing, travel photography, travel video) you will find much you can take away, many from whom you can learn, and multitudes of inspiration.

I’ve always said that the Travel Writing community is one of the most supportive of any I’ve encountered, and it’s so true here, as everyone I’ve met has been open and giving of their time and generouse with their experience. The opportunity to connect with other travel writers, travel book authors, travel photographers, travel editors, literary agents, and publishers is priceless. Sure, it’s not cheap and you may have to plan, save, or budget for it……but it’s an investment in your career. If it’s your dream to be successful as a travel writer, you should take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow, and invest in yourself. The high quality of instruction I’m finding here would still be a great value at twice, or even thrice, the cost.

And Third, I have to tell you how unprepared I was for one aspect – I sincerely believed I would have time to write as I experience this event, and share with you more of it in “real time’….HA! Much to my surprise (and delight), each session that I’ve atended has been so engaging that I could not bear to tear my attention away for anything more than a few hastily scribbled notes and some Tweeting of points I found most valuable to share. So once again it’s well past 11pm as I write this, trying to regurgitate some of the best bits and pieces for you before I grab a few hours of much-needed rest for my brain and body before starting again early tomorrow. People sometimes say “I wish I had three hands” ……right now I’m thinking “I wish I had five hands, four ears, three notepads, two brains, and a tape recorder!“…..

There was such a wealth of advice and experience shared with us today that it’s not possible to capture it all in a single blog post…..so instead I’ll humbly share a few highlights of wisdom: (If you’ve been following me on Twitter [2], some of this will be repetitive, some new…)

The evening keynote and highlight of the day was Phil Cousineau’s discussion of his book, “The Art of The Pilgrimage [4]” which quite frankly was such a wonderful gift that it deserves it’s own blog post – anything less would not do it justice. I’ll share more on that with you tomorrow, but I will tell you that it was WELL worth the very sore behind I have from sitting on a hard platform, and I was glad that the room was dark [in order to share his amazing images onscreen] as I felt tears welling up listening to quite a few of his stories.

Please take time to learn more about these authors by starting here, at the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference 2009 Faculty page [5], and explore their individual websites from there – you’ll find much to inspire and educate you.


What wisdom have you gained from other writers? What (or who) inspires you?