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Suzy: Week 2 Goals – Choosing a Travel Niche

(If you’re wondering what this Case Study is about, please read the introductory post from last week.)

When Suzy and I first chatted about her desire to have a travel blog, focused on a specific travel niche, upon which she could write about what she really loves and make money doing it, I put together a “flow chart” of action items that she would need to follow.

The Flow Chart consists of eight (8) Levels, and each Level is broken down into a few easy-to-accomplish tasks.
Each step in the Flow Chart links to explanations, free tools, and resources [2]
Here’s what Suzy accomplished in the first week with Level 1 of the Flow Chart, which has just three simple steps:

Choosing a Travel Niche [3]
The steps in Level 1 that Suzy took can be visualized in the chart at right.
(Click on the image for a larger version)

It may sound easy to choose a travel niche…..you just decide to write about what you love, right?


You can write all day long, every day, about your passion – say, blue widgets – but if no one is searching the internet for blue widgets, you may as well be singing in an empty auditorium – no one will hear you. Before you spend a lot of time setting up a travel blog and writing your heart out, you should spend a little time doing some basic research.

You need to choose something that you love AND that other people love too.

To do that, you have to start with Keyword research – sounds technical but it’s not. It just means writing down any words or phrases associated with your travel niche that people might use if they were searching for it on the internet.

Google Keyword Tool [4]
Your BEST FRIEND in this research project is Google. Google provides you with some basic, but powerful, tools:

Spend some time browsing the websites of anyone who shows up on the first page of Google results for each of your keywords and phrases – what are they doing that earns them first page results? Can you do a better job of it?

If your research reveals that there are enough people who would be interested readers of your new travel blog, and you think you can do a better job at providing expert information than the sites that are already ranking well for your keywords, then contratulations! You’ve found a viable travel niche!

Through this process Suzy honed in on what her focus would be, still within the travel niche she chose, and the future direction that her travel blog would take. This is vital information to have before you spend hours or weeks building a travel blog, and months of effort that could potentially lead to disappointment.

Stay tuned….Next week we’ll cover choosing a perfect domain name, arranging site hosting, and setting up your new travel blog. And in a future post we’ll discuss exactly how to rank well for those keywords you’ve discovered!


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