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Suzy: Week 1 Goals – Profitable Travel Writing

Can a Travel Writer make money online?

I believe that the answer is a resounding yes….and I’m going to prove it to you.

Allow me to introduce you to Suzy (not her real name), my first Case Study.

Suzy is a well-repected travel writer who is regularly published in several online and offline travel publications. I met her on a media trip and we spent time chatting about the many challenges facing travel writers who are trying to adapt to fewer paying opportunities and increased competition. She shared with me her frustration and fears as she, and other travel writers, watch as the world of travel writing changes in ways they never anticipated just a few short years ago.

Her problems:

I told Suzy that it IS possible to achieve these things, if she would just follow some very simple steps, and I’ve written those into a “flow chart”. Suzy agreed to be a case study, and to follow the steps I outlined for her. We’ve been meeting by telephone as our schedules permit, and she’s now accomplished a few of the first steps.

Over the coming month’s I’ll be helping Suzy achieve the following goals:
Each step in the Flow Chart links to explanations, free tools, and resources [1]

Each week I’ll update you on Suzy’s progress, sharing with you her experience.

When this study ends I’ll pull back the curtain of anonymity and interview her so that she can share with you her results.

Follow Suzy’s progress as she travels the road to success!