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Need Readers for your Travel Blog? Be a Guest Author!

Do you get invited to submit guest posts on other travel blogs?

If you’re a Travel Blogger, you should not only take advantage of any invitation that you receive to submit a guest post to other travel blogs or travel related website, you should also be actively seeking such opportunities, and offering to write for other travel blogs as well.

I can hear bunches of you all asking the same question – “Why should I do that?

A Guest Author relationship benefits both the Author and the hosting travel blog

Simple. It’s like any other type of networking – by writing for another travel blog you’re exposing yourself (in a good way, not that “scare-the-kids-and-get-carted-off-to-jail-in-handcuffs” kind of way) to that blog’s readers, thereby helping to grow your audience, and in the process, by promoting (on your travel blog) your Guest Post on the other travel blog, you’re letting your readers know about that site and helping them to grow their audience as well. It’s “win/win” for both of you.

Another great benefit is the links you’ll gain back to your site, which helps improve your ranking in Google and other search engines.

A good quality Travel Blog should give guest authors – at the very least – a link back to the guest author’s travel blog as part of the article’s meta data (author info at the end of the post), and often they will allow additional author info such as a photo, biography, and social media links so that you can get new Twitter followers and/or Facebook friends and fans.

And remember, this networking opportunity works both ways! When you invite others to submit guest posts to your blog, the same benefits apply – you’ll gain new readers and links as the guest blogger promotes his or her guest post on your blog.

Tips for being a Good Guest Author
If you’ve been invited (or are offering) to submit a guest post, be sure to do the following:

Tips for being a Good Guest Blog Host
If you’ve invited someone to submit a guest blog post to your travel blog, try to keep this advice in mind:

The Travel Blogger community is one of the strongest and most supportive out there, and a Guest Author relationship benefits both the Author and the hosting travel blog, so take advantage of it!

By the way, we have an open invitation to all experienced travel bloggers to write for our site – read this page on Guest Travel Blogging [1] for more information.


Do you submit or publish guest blog posts? Share your experience!