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Improve Your Travel Writing by Learning a New Language

Travel Writers can benefit from learning a second or third language, especially if you travel frequently to other countries.

While many people around the world do speak english (quite well, too, and more speak english well enough that you can get by), the vast majority of people you’ll encounter will truly appreciate that you are trying to communicate with them in their language.

True, many travel writers often rely on local guides to also act as translators, but you miss so much by not being able to understand what’s being said around you. Speaking another language can take you far. You’ll be able to communicate with the locals and show that you took an interest in learning something about their culture. Plus, it will be easier to bargain with vendors if you can speak their native tongue!

A language software such as Rosetta Stone can help you learn a second or third language in no time.

What we like

What we don’t like

“The interactive lessons are very intuitive. It is easy to tell between correct and incorrect answers and figure out the point of different activities they have designed. In fact, Rosetta Stone [1] is so easy that they don’t provide any initial information about how to navigate the program. If you get lost, there is help available that can explain how to use the program.”

Being able to understand more of what is being said — and going on — around you can help you to really capture a deeper appreciation of the place you’re visiting, which can definitely help travel writers to produce better travel articles. And sometimes, the humor in attempted-but-failed communication can also make for some excellent travel writing [2]!

If you’re interested in being fluent in several different languages, consider trying the Rosetta Stone language software. Traveling will be more interesting, and you’ll come home with more interesting travel articles!


How do you cross the language barriers? Share your learning experiences!