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Unblock Writer’s Block with Writer’s Blocks 3

If you ever experienced writer’s block, you know how frustrating it can be.

While no application can guarantee that you’ll find inspiration and recapture creativity, one application, Writer’s Blocks 3 [1], does claim to help you work through writers block by saving you time, making you more productive, and enhancing your creativity!

Writer’s Blocks 3 works by helping you organize your notes and thoughts, prepare outlines, and pull your writing together by providing drag & drop structure modules, so that you can easily move parts of your article around however you choose to. It’s like a Word Processor on steroids, designed specifically for professional writers.

Writer's Blocks 3 [2]

Here’s an excerpt from the website…

“Writer’s Blocks […] lets you capture and arrange your ideas easier and faster than ever before. Create hundreds of blocks each containing a few sentences or a few pages of text. Arrange your blocks into a coherent structure and then transfer your outline into the integrated full-featured word processor and expound on your ideas. Each block remains linked to a section of your manuscript for quick and easy reference. Click on a block to automatically scroll the corresponding section of your manuscript into view.”

What we like

What we don’t like

While some writers may have a natural gift for organization and structure, some can really benefit from tools such as Writers Blocks 3, and with a 30-day free trial it’s easy to find out if it will work for you.

But even with the best organization tools and techniques, it’s not always easy to overcome writer’s block. Below are some “tips and tricks” that can help you curb any future bouts of writer’s block.

Writer’s Block Tips & Ticks

Many travel writers battle with writer’s block — it happens. The key is not get discouraged. You may just need a break from writing. When you constantly write and write, it’s easy to lose that “spark.” Don’t sweat it. You may consider taking a mini-vacation to unwind, without the pressure of writing. — travel just to have a good time! You’ll come back feeling renewed and ready to write. And when you do, give Writers Blocks 3 a try!


Have you tried any writing tools or software? Has it helped with writer’s block?