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8 June 2009 Post Author:
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Over the weekend I had the great pleasure of interviewing Anthony Bianco, also known as “The Travel Tart“.

After a couple of technical glitches on my end and an error calculating the time difference between Arizona and Brisbane, Australia (which I finally worked out using an online time zone converter tool) , I finally got an opportunity to chat with this interesting Travel Blogger.

Anthony got started in travel writing by providing some travel articles for an online Australian Family Travel Agency. Having enjoyed the experience, he decided to parlay his writing talent into his own travel blog, which has — in a short time — garnered a respectable number of readers of his blog and a sizeable Twitter following, primarily due to his uniquely humorous take on the often funny side of travel and travel destinations.

Have a listen (and maybe a few laughs)!


Audio Podcast: Click to Listen


Meet Anthony Bianco:

Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart

Anthony’s Biography:

The Travel Tart (sometimes known as Anthony Bianco) is a self-proclaimed travel addict who will find any feeble excuse to go traveling.

Anthony discovered he really enjoyed traveling the world when he was sent to a former war zone for work – Kosovo – as his first venture outside of
Australia and New Zealand.  This created a habit of visiting places that most package tourists avoid like the plague.  He has since travelled to almost 40 countries over six continents – nowhere near enough!

While travelling, he likes risking his life by utilising barely road-worthy forms of transport such as African mini-buses, suicidal Cairo cabs, and flatulent camels.  

His foray into the travel writing world happened by accident – his dodgy friends thought it was a good idea to convert his humorous travel emails into something more substantial – like articles and books.

Anthony likes to write about the funny, offbeat, and downright strange aspects of world travel today, which can be seen on his website at  He also guest blogs for other sites if people are silly enough to take up his offer.  

One Response to “Interview with The Travel Tart”

  1. SarahQT says:

    Great interview, lots of fun! I bet it’s fun to be in Australia…Checked out The Travel Tart — very cool!

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