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Do You DIGG Your Travel Articles?

Digg is a popular social media site that provides a place for people to vote on websites, blog posts, and articles that Digg members find on the internet.

Members submit links to pages after which other members “vote” the links up (approval) or down (disapproval), with the goal being to achieve a high ranking, which will result in [possibly dramatically] increased traffic to your website.

A word of caution: getting on the front page of Digg can result in SO much increased traffic that it can potentially overwhelm your server, causing your site to go down, so this traffic-getting tactic should be used with care.

If you’re using WordPress for your website (and you should be), there are numerous plugins [2] that make it easy for your site visitors to “Digg” your articles.

Tips for achieving good results on Digg

Now that you know how to get “Dugg”, there’s no reason NOT to use Digg. Remember that social media and social networking are here to stay. You may as well join the party! Besides, it will give you something to TWEET about on TWITTER!


Do you use Digg? Share your own tips with us.+