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Are You a Travel Snob? Take the Test…

Some travelers — and even some travel writers — have a tendency to be rather ‘snobby’ about travel. Perhaps they don’t mean to be so arrogant, but they are.

This can rub other travelers, and locals, the wrong way.

Basically there are two types of Travel Snobs:

The first type are those who constantly compare every facet of their trip — most often unfavorably — with similar places, things, or experiences “back home”. No doubt you’ve seen (and heard) them – as they are often vocal in their comparison. Nothing is ever prepared quite to their liking, their bed is not as comfortable as the one “at home”, their [food/coffee/whatever] is not quite as good as “at home”, they don’t like the weather, crowds, traffic….in fact, pretty much everything is inferior to “back home”.

You’re a Type 1 Travel Snob if you:

If you are this type of Travel Snob, please do everyone else a huge favor and just stay at home.

The second type of Travel Snobs are the ones who think that the very act of traveling somehow makes them better than those who don’t, and they are competitive about it – with a “he (or she) who travels most wins” attitude.

You’re a Type 2 Travel Snob if you:

Yes, as a travel writer you may have more opportunities to travel than most people, but there’s no need to gloat about it! Traveling is a personal choice. People travel to find themselves, to learn about new places and cultures, to write about where they’ve been, to find a new place to live, or any of a limitless number of reasons. There’s no need to constantly compare your travels to another — just travel!

If you find that you are either of these two types of Travel Snob, remember, you have the power to change. And you should. Not just because the rest of us will be grateful, but also because it may be costing you opportunities — includes writing gigs! You never know, that person you offended could work for a publication that you’d like to write for — not anymore!

If you’re a Type 1, see if you can go a whole day without complaining. If you’re a Type 2, when you strike up a conversation, see how long you can go without asking, “…so, how many countries have you visited over the years?” There are plenty of questions you can ask, be creative!

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