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The Skinny on Duplicate Content Checking Software

When you submit your travel writing articles to Ezine Articles, Affsphere, Go Articles, or your chosen article marketing site, make sure they are different from the originals. Several article submission directories require that you submit ONLY unique content to them (so be sure to read the guidelines before submitting articles), but it’s also a good practice for several reasons: first and foremost because you can track which article directories your articles are getting reprinted from based on the content being reprinted, secondly it avoids having duplicate content on your website (which keeps Google happy), and thirdly this lets you have the most in-depth version of the article on your own website.

While you can write several copies of the same article and, by being very careful, ensure that they are different “enough” from each other to avoid any problems with the article directories, using Duplicate Content checking software speeds up the process of comparing your articles to determine “how much” each version of your article has changed.

A quick Google search turns up plenty of Duplicate Content checking software on the internet, and Free Download Manager [1] offers two free applications. I chose to download the free version offered by iSEOTools.com because it appeared easier to use.

The Good
Here’s what we like.

The Bad
Here’s what we don’t like.

Installing the software was easy, but I received an error message. I’m not sure why — the software seemed to install correctly, and appears to work fine. Then again, I do have Windows Vista. Whenever you install software, make sure that your system is compatible and meets the minimum requirements. You don’t want to CRASH your system! I’m speaking to all of you PC users — you know what I mean! Yes, I have a PC instead of a Mac (it’s on my wish list).

There are better alternatives out there for a fee, and some of them do offer additional features that may be worth paying for, but before you buy be sure to take advantage of any free trials offered. If your funds are limited, give iSEOTools free application [2] a try.

All-in-all, the software works fine. It calculates the difference between two articles and provides a percentage. It does scan for keyword density, which is important to help potential readers find your article.


Try out iSEOTools and let us know what you think. Good Luck!