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How Hooked-Up Are You When You Travel?

Here’s a great article from NPR called, “Airlines Boost Self-Service With Mobile Check-In.” Isn’t it amazing how people are utilizing technology even while on the road?

Technology is changing how we travel, and how we travel is driving technology forward. If you’re a travel writer, you may bring your laptop (or netbook), digital camera, cell phone, and maybe even other gadgets with you when you hit the road. Maybe you want to get a jump start on your travel writing articles……If you’re a freelance travel writer, you may have tight deadlines — so you’ll probably need to be in constant contact with your editor. Technology is a beautiful thing, but can it be too much?

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“…Cell phones and smart phones are fast becoming the new frontier for everything from booking air travel to checking in. Airlines including American, Delta and Continental are testing mobile and smart phone check-in technology at more than a dozen U.S. airports. And a number of foreign carriers have already implemented it.”

As the airlines push for paperless check-in, technologies are being developed that will let travelers receive their boarding passes on their cell phones, allowing them to speed through security by showing the bar-code on their phone, and proceed directly to their gate. Many new cell phones today are capable of handling this new technology, and the good news is that prices have come way down in recent years if you need to upgrade to a new model.

What does technology mean for travelers and travel writers? Perhaps in the near future you’ll have one device for everything. Forget about carrying the Blue Tooth, cell phone, laptop, camera, etc.. Maybe you’ll be able to produce travel writing article at the drop of a hat with one super-smart cell phone or PDA that will handle communication as well as taking photos and writing notes or even articles. Some phones can already do this, like Apple’s iPhone, even though the keyboards can be quite tiny. What do you think? Can you see yourself replacing all your other gear with just one smart device?


What types of technology do you take with you when you travel?