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Do Your Best Travel Writing from the Road

Your best travel writing could be done while you’re on the road. Many people hit the road during the summer to go across America. There’s no better way to see America than from an automobile or RV. Whether you have a luxury RV or just the basics, make sure it has enough space for you to sit and write comfortably. If you don’t own an RV, consider renting one. Just think of all of the great travel articles you could write while chilling out in an RV!

Here’s a video from Pauline Frommer about “The Ins and Outs of RV Travel.” Click here to watch the video.

Traveling in an RV can be one adventure after another. It will inspire some great writing ideas. There will be a story wherever you stop. Some may be more interesting than others, but that’s all right. The more angles you have — the better. You may want to visit well-known destinations that many tourists are interested in, or get to know “small-town America” by hitting those off-the-beaten-path venues (think watermelon festivals, rodeos, state fairs, etc). You might want to take a “classic” route, like the world-famous Route 66 and visit the locales made famous in song. Wherever you decide to go, you’ll find something interesting to write about – something you can share with your readers.

When you’re traveling in your RV, be sure to bring your digital camera. Remember that your best travel writing can be documented through photos as well as your writing. By incorporating photos, your travel articles will be more attractive to editors at magazines and newspapers. You could also use your photos to create a “coffee table book” about your summer adventures in an RV.

Here’s to you and (what could be) your best travel writing!


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