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16 Super Ideas for Travel Writing Articles

Travel writing articles can be written on nearly any topic — you don’t have to stick to the same old ‘destination’ articles. Write a brilliant piece on the economy of a locale and how it can effect someone who wants to travel there. Are hotel rates at an all time low, and rail passes to be had at scorching deals? Let other travelers know about it! If you’re in a foreign country (or even a different part of the US), check out the local music scene — compare it to music in at home. What are the differences? What are the similarities? Stretch your mind and imagination when it comes to travel writing articles.

If you’re struggling with your travel writing, you may be suffering from burn out. You may need to take a vacation from your writing. Don’t sweat it. Put down the pen or shut down the computer and take a break from writing. We can all use a break from time to time. On the other hand, you may just need some fresh ideas.

Ideas for travel writing articles
Here’s a sampling of travel writing articles that you could tackle.

  1. Review local restaurants
  2. Create a sports-themed tour, e.g. “following the NASCAR circuit”
  3. Compile a list of local Sporting events
  4. Compare Sports around the world
  5. Compile a list of Top Ten Museum attractions
  6. Attend a summer of Music festivals
  7. Review and Rank local Hotels’ and Resorts’ Spas
  8. Visit and write about local vineyards or Wineries and wine tastings
  9. Compare local cuisines, like Chicago Pizza versus New York Pizza
  10. Compare local Beaches
  11. Write about the oft-ignored European “small” cities
  12. Have coffee in a different Café every day and write about them
  13. Write about Traveling with your pet(s)
  14. Hit the road in an RV and write about the road trip
  15. Write about ‘Green’ travel
  16. Tour local celebrity homes or hangouts

There are many more angles for travel writing articles, but this is a good list to get you started. Sometimes you just have to think outside the normal realm of travel writing articles. Take a look around your own neighborhood and see what would be of interest to tourists. You may be surprised by what you discover!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Read other travel writing blogs for inspiration (but DON’T copy them!)
  2. Pickup a newspaper and read the travel section
  3. Buy a couple of travel magazines — what types of articles are being printed?

Don’t be afraid to write articles that are unfamiliar to you. Think about all of the things you’d want to know about a place before going there — what deals can you find? Where’s a great place to stay? What are some great (or cheap) local restaurants? What kind of fun things can you do when you get there? There are many things that travelers are interested in, and any one of them can — by itself (if you do enough research) — make for a great travel article.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Giving up to soon
  2. Writing only travel destination articles
  3. Poor or bland writing
  4. Improper grammar and punctuation
  5. Staying within your comfort zone
  6. Avoiding writing for free — consider doing this on “special” occasions.

See below for some great quality resources!

Now that you have some ideas, start writing. Search the internet for the best travel package or just grab your backpack. What are you waiting for? The trip you take can give you many ideas for travel articles. Don’t waste any time — get out there, travel, and write.


Are you stuck in a travel writing rut? Take one of the ideas listed above and get writing. You may surprise yourself!