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10 Secrets to Leaving a Comment on a Travel Blog

A travel writer knows how to write proper comments. There’s nothing worse than a writer who violates “commenting etiquette.” You know who you are. Now, you may be upset because many people do not proofread their blogs before they post it. It’s great that you want to help fellow writers, but that’s not the point of commenting. Unless, of course, you point out the spelling error and then make your real comment.

Commenting can generate traffic to your blog. However, if you’re a travel writer and do not know how to leave a comment, you can do more harm than good. Remember, the goal is to leave a comment that is relevant to the website you visit.

If you’re a travel writer and you’re not commenting on websites, what’s the problem? Are you shy? Do you fear that your comment will be rejected? Don’t sweat it. As long as you leave a comment that pertains to the website’s content, you’ll be fine. Take the plunge and be the first one to leave a comment on a travel writing website. The website owner cannot see you.

10 secrets to leaving a proper comment

  1. Write a relevant comment that adds value to the blog or article you’ve just read.
  2. Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation, and be sure to spell your own website and email address correctly!
  3. Don’t leave vague comments like “great post – thanks”.
  4. Leave one comment per blog post or article. Remember, many blogs “moderate” their comments, so yours may not appear right away – be patient.
  5. Know what you’re speaking about when you leave your comment.
  6. Be respectful — don’t curse or berate other commenters!
  7. Proofread your comment before you post it.
  8. If the author made typos, be careful if you choose to point them out. Use a helpful approach versus “hey, do you know how to spell?”, or simply ignore them and comment about the content instead.
  9. Be careful if you use links when you post a comment. Include a link only if it is relevant. When in doubt, leave it out.
  10. Get to the point. There’s no need to write “War and Peace.” Be succinct when you write a comment.

If you’re a travel writer, visit a variety of websites. Be active in the travel writing community. In fact, you could email the travel writer of a website and ask for a back link. This is a great way to establish relationships with other travel writers.

Commenting on other websites is a great way to connect with other travel writers. As a travel writer, you can never have enough contacts. Leave as many comments as you can. You never know who you’ll meet online. You could meet a former travel editor who could give you tips and tricks about travel writing.

Now that you know the proper way to leave comments, get online and start commenting. Be respectful and get to the point. There’s no reason not to write a proper comment. As a travel writer, you’ll have an advantage over others because you know how to write!


Do you comment on other travel writing sites or blog? What has been your experience?


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