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A travel writer can make money online with Google Cash Detective

A travel writer can make money online which means cash in your pocket. However, sometimes you’ll need to spend money in order to make money. This is where Chris Carpenter and his Google Cash Detective come into play. Before you hand over your money for Google Cash Detective, continue to read this blog.

Does it work?

As a travel writer, I was skeptical about Chris Carpenter’s [2] Google Cash Detective. Truth be told, I did not purchase the software because it’s a bit pricey for me. However, I took advantage of Chris Carpenter’s free videos. Guess what? The money is starting to trickle into my affiliate accounts. I could not believe it when I had a sale. It was not much, but it’s cash that I could use. A travel writer can always use extra cash!


Chris’ program focuses on Google. As a travel writer [3], you could apply the techniques to Yahoo! as well and begin to make money online. You’ll need a Google AdWords and Yahoo! account in order to post ads on Google and Yahoo! If you’re hesitant, sign up and begin with one or two campaigns at a very low dollar amount such as $5 or $10.

Create campaigns based on your niche. Use tools such as Google AdWords: Keyword Tool and Google Trends to find keywords to promote your campaigns. Since you’re a travel writer, you will be able to create great copy for your campaigns.

If you enjoy budget travel, market it. If you enjoy adventure travel, market it. Find you passion and begin earning extra cash today. Discover what motivates you to make money online. Is it to start a new travel business? Help your favorite charities? Do you want to help family and friends? Use your motivation to begin your ad campaigns today.


Here’s an example of a Google ad campaign using a popular travel site.

Keyword: [cheap travel] – the brackets means your ad will only show for this keyword.
Affiliate: Expedia
Ad: ExpediaOfficial Site
Line 1: Cheap Air and Car Rental
Line 2: Book Your Hotel Now!
Display URL: www.expedia.com
Destination URL: your affiliate link (make sure it takes people to the website — cannot be different from the display URL) (Example: Display URL = www.expedia.com; Destination URL: www.travelocity.com — information does not match — Google will disapprove your ad).

You may want to use between one and seven keywords. Do not go overboard with keywords. It will be trial and error. Give it a month and see how your campaigns perform. If your ads are not performing, tweak the writing. [4]

Affiliate programs

  1. ClickBank
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Google Performics
  4. LinkShare
  5. Direct linking — sign up with affiliate vs. going through an advertising channel such as LinkShare

Will it work for you?

The system will work for you, but you must give it time. I started a few weeks ago and was quick to delete the majority of my campaigns — big mistake. I resumed my campaigns, created new ones and deleted other ones. I’ll find my way and you can too!


Will you sign up with Google AdWords? Why? Why not?