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Interview: Lisa Lambden – Travel Channel Academy

We’ve had a LOT of inquiries from our travel writers about the Travel Channel Academy (the travel-focused digital film school designed to turn you into a Travel Journalist in 4 days)…. so here it is, as promised, our recorded interview with Lisa Lambden, founder and driving force behind the the Travel Channel Academy (read her full biography below – she’s one very impressive lady!).

It’s a great interview – Lisa explains exactly who the Travel Channel Academy is designed for and why you’ll want to take the course!

We’re looking forward to following up with Lisa when she launches her newest venture, New York Video School (slated for February 2009) – be sure to sign up for our Weekly Recap so you don’t miss that interview when it’s posted.


Audio Podcast: Listen or Download


Download the PDF Transcript – 74KB PDF file [2]