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1 September 2008 Post Author:
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He traveled day and night looking for that special travel companion for his next adventure. His travels take him all over the internet and throughout the city. He points and clicks to the travel section on which is jammed packed with books. He walks to the local bookstore and finds a travel section overrun with destination guides and travel memoirs. He thinks to himself, “all I want is a decent travel writing book, see the world, and sell the story.”

L. Peat O’Neil’s book Travel Writing: See the world, Sell the story (2nd edition) is a fantastic travel writing book. It contains nine chapters which are fully loaded with pertinent information from style and tone to photography. Eight out of the nine chapters contain exercises that will help travel writers develop their writing. The bonus are the “tips and tricks” that L. Peat O’Neil sprinkles throughout the book.

Travel writers who are not convinced that photos will enhance their chances of being published, better read and re-read chapter seven which is dedicated to travel photos. L. Peat O’Neil tells readers what kind of camera to buy and how to take photos for travel articles/stories. Yes, there are exercises readers can do to improve their photography skills.

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Knowing how to market travel articles is a necessity. Chapter eight will teach travel writers how to network to meet editors, work through rejection, write queries, and much more. Included with “tips on how to write queries” is a sample query letter. L. Peat O’Neil suggests that travel writers do not copy the letter but use it as a guideline. Instead, write and submit a letter in your own voice and style.

Finally, L. Peat O’Neil’s Travel Writing: See the world, Sell the story (2nd edition) is worth the money! Not only do you receive nine chapters packed with useful travel writing information and various exercises but there are appendices in the back of the book. Appendix A contains resources such as suggested books, organizations, websites, marketing resources, and a whole lot more! Appendix B is the glossary. This book is like finding a “diamond in the rough!”

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