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11 August 2008 Post Author:
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People often have difficulty promoting their products or services and will give them away for free because they are too afraid to ask for the price or rate they desire. Hogwash! People are willing to pay for fantastic products and services. It’s like that old saying “you get what you pay for.”

Susan James of Blogs.Thirty Day Challenge says “keep a notebook and jot down your own business promotional ideas and business promotional opportunities. Select those promotional ideas and opportunities that are the most effective for your type of company or business.”

Unlimited Promotions

  1. Business Cards
  2. Post Cards
  3. Website/Blog
  4. Flyers
  5. Article Writing
  6. E-Books
  7. Networking, Networking, Networking (even in the grocery store)
  8. Commenting on blogs; link back to your URL
  9. Article Marketing such as Ezine Articles
  10. Offline or online Groups

These are just a few suggestions because the list is endless and it would take sometime to put together. Brainstorm ideas on how to promote your writing. Here’s one: offer to teach a “how to write for travel workshop” or “how I became a travel writer workshop” at your community bookstore. People love convenience, and they will pay for it. What’s more convenient than attending a workshop in your own backyard!

Writing Tip

Travel writers who are “writers first” will persevere in the business. Writing for different genres can lead to that number one opportunity which may come from a person who has a friend who works at The Travel Channel. It could happen!

Finally, confidence is an important quality to possess. Travel writers who are not confident in their writing will send out that “vibe” and people will feel it. This is why new travel writers get taken advantage of in the early stages of their careers. Stand up for yourself and your writing!

It’s important to be passionate about your career. Who wants to hire travel writers who are not passionate about their work? Enthusiasm is just as important as dedication!


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