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Your Travel Writing Adventure Begins Here

Are you familiar with Lonely Planet? How would you like to work for them? I think that would be AWESOME! Well, you are in luck because they are on the “lookout” for new talent. Sweet!

If you are a “freelance author” with specific knowledge and experience, you may have found your next assignment. Lonely Planet [2] is looking for people who can write or speak a foreign language (I’m working on that), with specific areas of expertise such as art, music, wildlife, other cultures, food, outdoor activities, and other travel related pursuits (yes), and have travel writing experience (yes).

Travel Writing Hint!: Make sure your work is authentic! Do not plagiarize!

The Bare Necessities (isn’t that a song from the movie The Jungle Book [3]?)

  1. Specialized knowledge of a city, country, or region such as Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.
  2. Experienced traveller.
  3. Professional writing experience.
  4. Ability to write vibrantly, with authority and attitude.
  5. Excellent research and organizational skills.
  6. “Tools of the trade” such as computer hardware and software.
  7. Ability to work independently (or in teams).
  8. Great resilience and tenacity.
  9. Good boots!

So, do you think you have what it takes to work as a freelance travel writer for Lonely Planet? Here are some “general” guidelines before you submit your travel writing:

  1. Lonely Planet (and other publications) would like to know what you can offer them.
  2. Tell Lonely Planet (and other publications) about your travel experience.
  3. Are you interested in certain parts of the world or a particular Lonely Planet series?
  4. Do you have ideas for a brand new book or series?
  5. Are you interested in writing a new guide book or updating an existing one?
  6. Note: new authors are given a small project for their first contract then move onto bigger assignments.

Submit your cover letter, resume, and two examples of your published or non-published work (preferably travel) to Lonely Planet today! For those of you who are published be sure to include details on where and when your writings were published. Good Luck!

Applying with Lonely Planet,
~ Rebecca