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The Ultimate Resource Guide for Travel Writers

Travel writers, the search is over for the the ultimate resource guide especially for you! Hooray! At your fingertips is a “quick” reference to networking, job opportunities, books, blogs, and more! Make room because this post is “jammed packed.” Buckle up! Get ready! You are about to take a very “resourceful” trip!

Network and Opportunities

  1. Travelwriters.com [1]. Offers a “network of travel writers, editors and members of the public relations community.”
  2. Connecting…Solo Travel Network [2]. This not-for-profit, international organization of individuals is “interested in sharing going-solo tips, news about single-friendly trips, and in promoting hospitality and good will among solo travelers everywhere.”
  3. Journey Woman [3]. A fabulous travel resource for women. The website’s goal is to “inspire females to travel safely and well and to connect women travelers worldwide.”
  4. Bonus!: Visit our Top 10 Travel Writing Jobs [4] section and start writing today!

  5. Transitions Abroad. “This site aims to provide information and opinions from a variety of angles, with no chirpy promises about how you’ll travel around the world for free, and no sugar-coated advice followed by lots of exclamation points.”

Blog It!

  1. Written Road [5]. A lively, resourceful blog from “award-winning travel writer and editor Jen Leo.” Read about Jen’s “experiences in the publishing industry and provides a daily scoop on travel writing as she makes her way as an editor, writer, and traveling socialite.”
  2. Bootsn All [6]. Pick a blog, start reading and connection with others around the world! Also a great way to stay in touch with family and friends if you are on the road. Happy Blogging!

Major Magazines

  1. Writers Market [7]. A great tool for writers on “where and how to sell what you write.” Writers Market charges a subscription fee, but you can sign up for their FREE newsletter full of advice and tips!
  2. Travel and Leisure [8]. The ultimate travel resource. Discover top destinations, best cruises, and article submission guidelines.
  3. Book Worms!: Visit our Top 10 Travel Writing Books section to find your guide today!

  4. Trips and Journeys [9]. A bi-monthly online magazine; over 90% is freelance written! You will find entertaining and informative travel articles.
  5. Escape Artist [10]. Offers four magazines. Yes! They want your articles! Pick the magazine that best suits you and submit your article.

Say Cheese!

  1. PhotoSecrets [11]. Shh! It’s a secret! Your link to stock photography and tips on how to sell your photos as stock photography.
  2. Capture It!: Visit our Top 10 Photography Tips [12] and find out how photography can enhance your travel articles!

  3. PhotoGraphic Libraries [13]. A “unique resource that provides a broad range of visual solutions to enhance the creative process.”

Off for the weekend,
~ Rebecca