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How to Get Started With Travel Writing!

You decided that you would like to be a travel writer. Good for you! First, you must travel! Whether you are a backpacker or a “luxury” traveler it makes no difference. Second, get out there and meet people! Some travel writers forget or overlook the importance of personal interaction. Chatting with the locals, the hotel receptionist, or tourists can add “vibrancy” to any location. Finally, just write! When you write do not write like other travel writers. Everyone has his or her style of writing. Once you find your “voice” your writing will flow with ease!

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Be fresh! Write about “offbeat” topics versus the “same old same old.” Instead of writing about museums, nightlife, or restaurants, write about the people you encounter throughout your travels. Perhaps you encounter a “protest” taking place in the local square. Speak to the people to find out what and why they feel the need to protest. If there are “street musicians,” you can speak with them and find out what their “story” is and write about it. Unique subjects are a great way to “hook” readers!

Get Writing!: Check out bbc.co.uk [3] for additional information on how to get started in travel writing. I found this information very helpful.

Know your readers! Remember when you write a travel article or travel book, you are writing for your readers, you are not writing for yourself. Write travel articles that appeal to many people. This is a good way to “expand” your horizons both personally and professionally.

Do not be afraid to include photos with your travel writings! Photos are a great way to add to the essence of your writings. You do not have to be a professional photographer! If you do not wish to take photos, purchase some or make sure you know where to locate photos. Visit, writerswebsiteplanner.com [4] for more information.

These are a few ways for you to get started with travel writing. Start writing about your travel experiences and submit them to publications such as your local newspaper. Also, remember to write from your “heart!” And, remember not everyone has the same tastes and dislikes. There is a “market” for everything!

Start writing today,
~ Rebecca